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Welcome to female hand fetish website!

You will find all kinds of pictures of female hands and sexy fingers. We love female palms and women with big hands, so if you feel the same way click below to join of the full-size pictures.

Jasmine Mendez hand fetish, big hands, long fingers.

1. Full-size hand scans.

2. Big hands, small hands, and in between.

3. Many styles of models. From heavy lines, to smooth and silky.

4. This site is very easy to navigate. This site was designed to be simple and easy to use.

5. Pretty girls and pretty hands.


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Shiva's big hands compared to Stella's huge hands.

See some, but not all of our lovely models  and the latest updates below!

Long, sensual fingers!

Stella has some extremely long, extremely big hands that are pretty and her nails are always done. Check out these close up shots of her immaculate digits!

tall woman with huge hands


Sonja's Big, Long, Soft hands!

Sonja shows off her big soft hands and then she measures her long palms!

Sonja has big pretty hands (fetish)!


Amazon Stella won't sign! Rips up stupid contract!

Tall, Amazon Stella Marie doesn't like stupid contracts and has decided that she will NOT sign the photographer's stupid model release. She jeers him and she rips his dumb contract to shreds and throws it in his face!

tall woman with huge hands and long pretty fingers rips and balls up paper


Krista compares her hands to different items

Krista Shawn has some big pretty hands that she compares to different objects so that you can gain perspective!

beautiful model compares her big pretty hands to various objects


Pretty girl, lucky statue

Dusky uses her beautiful hands to grope a statue! You're sitting there wishing it was you!

Teenage model shows off her sexy hands and fingers


Big Beautiful Hands Lotioned Up!

If there is one thing about Krista Shawn, it's that she has huge extremities. Don't believe me? Watch as she measures her huge 8 inch long hands. Most men don't have hands that big! She's got gorgeous long fingers and big palms. Hand men love her!

Woman putting lotion on her huge, sexy hands.


Wack Ass Plans Ripped to Shreds

Once again, you thought you were smart enough to plan something all on your own. Once again, a powerful female has heard about, laughed at, and ripped up your weak ass plans! Robin Lehann has no mercy!

amazon woman uses her big hands to rip up paper and flick you off


Lexxi's Tiny Hands

Lexxi has some interesting, tiny hands. She's fairly short, but her hands shouldn't be as small as they are. Her hands and wrists actually stopped growing when she was 10 due to an injury and subsequent surgery. Her wrists and hands are among the tiniest I've ever shot, even smaller than Lil' Miss Tiny or Alyse Grant.

cute model with tiny hands and palms


Lil' Miss Tiny's Pretty, Tiny Hands

Lil' Miss Tiny is beyond tiny at 4'9" tall and 79 pounds, so of course she has some tiny, perfect hands with soft palms and thin fingers.

Female hand fetish model shows off her pretty fingers and tiny fists


Shut Your Mouth! My hands are bigger!

Vanessa may have big hands, but Krista Shawn has huge hands! They compare hands and Krista puts her large, beautiful hands over Vanessa's mouth.

Krista covers Vanessa's mouth with her huge hands!


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